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Tan Zhongyi fight back with a full score

2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match had the 4th game inside InterContinental Hotel Jing’an Suburb Shanghai on 7th May. The current champion Tan Zhongyi’s victory brought the score forward to 1.5:2.5.

No doubt previous consecutive loose brought the current champion Tan Zhongyi into dangrous. According to the match schedule, Tan Zhongyi will be playing White in the 4th and 5th game. Defending the championship will be less optimistic if the current champion Tan Zhongyi doesn't gain a victory in these two critical games.



Today Tan Zhongyi started with Trump-owksy, Trump-owksy was well known two years ago on Carlsen vs karjakin’s Match. (Because the name Trompowsky is similar to the newly elected President of American by that year 2016, Trump.) Mean to skip over the opening, but quickly move to the middle game. Apparent surprise appeared on Ju Wenjun’s face, she bulked her ideas up to the following moves but it cost her a lot of time. Even though there was no obvious advantage side, and the white had no apparent opportunity, but Tan Zhongyi acted like a warrior today. Her 21.g4 brought the game to a free war. Like she said on the post game conference, She did not believe she is in advantage until Jun Wenjun had a few irresolute moves plus, 26...g5 at a absolutely wrong time. What she knew is, Ju wenjun supposed to have an immediately g5 after white’s 21.g4.

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At the post game conference Tan Zhongyi didn't cover up her good mood as a winner. She said the last two lost are not because the opening wasn’t been prepared, but because she prepared too much to be confused. So today she jumped over the opening section but went straight to fight. In her understanding, Ju Wenjun should not play 23...Nxd2 to give up the very strong knight, the advantage went to her side after Ju Wenjun done this move. And 26...g5 leaded it direct to a fail. Jun Wenjun agrees to Tan Zhongyi’s opinion, and she said will summarize what happened in today’s game.

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photo by:Xiaolong

Tomorrow the 8th May will be the second rest day in this match. When they been asked about their plans, Tan Zhongyi said that she spent all day sleep in last rest day and it didn’t work well, so a big possibility, she is gonna go out tomorrow, Ju Wenjun said she will be staying in her room.

According to the match rule, the two sides will exchange the first-second move turn after 4 games. That means, in 9th May’s game, you will see Tan Zhongyi again play white.

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Report and photos by: Gu Xiaobing
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