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Ju Wenjun acquired another victory

Renewed fighting is back after one day resting, 3:00pm 6th May Beijing Time, 2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match had the 3rd game inside InterContinental Hotel Jing’an Suburb Shanghai. The current champion Tan Zhongyi lost after the 27th move. So up to now, the challenger Ju Wenjun 2 wins 1 draw, 2.5:0.5 leading ahead.



Today’s game start with Catalan opening, After the first 14 tranquil moves, a Key point showed up on the 14th move, react to Jun Wenjun’s attack in kindside, Tan Zhongyi had a serious omission 14...g5??

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And after 15.Qh5,  Black’s position was beyond retrieval. Tan Zhongyi fiercely resisted but could not reverse the tight; she had to give up after the 27th move.



Later at the post game conference, Tan Zhongyi said: I knew this variation, somehow could not remember clearly when in the match, and this structure is not something I am familiar with, people make mistakes on things they are not good at. I shouldn’t make serious mistake like g5.  I neglected the simple plan like Qh5 and Ne4 for white, due to both technically and mentally reasons. Ju Wenjun said: I am surprised of Tan’s g5, I thought she would go g6. I feel that i’m going to win today after I done the 16.Bxg5.

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photo by: Liu Yi

Ju Wenjun is 2 points ahead, she remains her consistent calm and peace on the face. She said this good mark is out of her expectation, but she knows this is temporary; the coming games is what matters.

The 4th game will be held on 3:00pm 7th May. No doubt, to the current champion Tan Zhongyi, the battle will be arduous, whether she can adjust status and have her 1st victory. Let’s wait and see.


report and photos by: Gu Xiaobing
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