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Ju Wenjun lead with 3.5-1.5 after 5 games
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2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match had the 5th game inside InterContinental Hotel Jing’an Suburb Shanghai on 9th May. The challenger Ju Wenjun defeated the current champion Tan Zhongyi.  3.5:1.5, Ended the first half match with 2 scores ahead.
This 5th game is the last game of the first half in the championship match. According to the match rule, the two sides will change the first-second move turn after four games. That means, Tan Zhongyi will still play white. For Tan Zhongyi, this is a best opportunity to catch up score after her win in the 4th. For Ju Wenjun, she cannot afford to lose the another extra point.

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At today’s beginning, Tan Zhongyi played e4 in the first move, which she seldom use.Ju Wenjun react with 1...e5 and they went toBishop’s opening quickly. Face up to Tan Zhongyi’s new choice, she played precisely and steadily. They fought in the middle at the beginning. Tan Zhongyi played one or two slow move, which affected her initiative. Ju Wenjun grabbed the opportunity and got a better position. 
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After then, under a big pressures, Tan Zhongyi sacrificed a pawn to gain a pair of bishops. But they found soon this was a big mistake for giving Ju Wenjun more chance to move pieces close to King side gradually.Varies threats made Tan Zhongyi no able fight back. When getting close to the 1st time limit, the white king fell into a hopeless situation. After 35 move Tan Zhongyi resigned.
In the post game conference, Tan Zhongyi said that she decide to play 1.e4 wasn’t a specialized preparation, She just wanted to skip over the beginning and go straight to the fighting like yesterday. Ju Wenjun said the 1.e4 was more or less surprised her but fortunately she knows about this opening so acted good.

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photo by: Xiaolong

When reviewing the game, Tan Zhongyi sayingthat 11.Re1 is not a good move, as black bishop was stucked after Ju Wenjun’s 11...h6. Ju Wenjun felt a bit advantage after 13...e4. Apart from that, both of them believe the White 19.Ne5 was a big mistake. Tan Zhongyi gave up one pawn to gain two bishops, but practically the gain was not a enough compensation.

When they were asked about the feeling of the first half championship match.  Ju Wenjun said she is surprised for being 2 points ahead. She felt that Tan Zhongyi is not in good status, but still there is long way to go. Tan Zhongyi admits that and she said female chess players are always like this, wrong rhythm can mess up the whole competition. Tomorrow they will be going to Chongqing, she wishes she will play better in the following half match, with a new mood, in a new status, and in her hometown.

Up to now, 2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match, the first half 5 games has finished. The challenger Ju Wenjun 3 wins 1 draw 1 lose. 3.5:1.5 temporarily leading ahead. According to Match schedule, The 6th game will be held on 3:00pm 12th May, at Chongqing.

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Report and photos by: Gu Xiaobing
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