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Tranquility in the battle
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After 5 games of 2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match , Ju Wenjun lead with 3.5-1.5.Four of five games ended up with a clear winner , undoubtedly it is one of fiercest Woman's World chess championship  match in the history.

The atmosphere around the stadium was tense, even in the press room, where they remained tense and cautious, especially the leader, Ju Wenjun. In the interview after the 5th round, because of the nervousness, a slip of the tongue made her say " in her expectation " instead of " it is unexpected ". what’s funny was that her opponent -Tan Zhongyi firstly awared of that “misspoke” which triggered all audience burst into laugh. until that moment, we saw the two girls first smile at each other in the whole match.

Sort of coincidence, Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun were both born in the same year at 1991, are both graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, are teammates in China National Team, and are close friends in their daily life.

Tan Zhongyi says, we have had countless matches, and sometime we flight together in represent of our country . So generally speaking, we are competitors, but more teammates and friends. Ju Wenjun also says, we are same age girls, we have common topics , and even the constellation tells we are congeniality. 

At such a young age but already have more then 10 years friendship. Plus more and more lovely stories. Not every chess player can be so lucky to have a friend whom can share career and life with. Now let’s have a quick review some of their fighting and love moments.

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Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun play together for the chess olympic at 2008

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Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun’s encounter at “Chinese King and Queen”championship,2009

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Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun are having good time analysing games at Women Grand Prix,2011

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Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun play against each other at Chinese league,2014

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Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun play together in World Rapid championship,2016

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Tan Zhongyi encounter Ju Wenjun at the quarterfinal of World women's chess championship,2017

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Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun fight for the leader at the Rapid section of All China Games,2017

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Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun will start the second half of World women's chess championship match tomorrow 3pm at the Sun Kingdom hotel of Chong Qing. Please stay tuned!

Report by: Gu Xiaobing
Photos collected by: Chong Qing chess federation

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