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Second draw of the match after 7th game
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2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match had the 7th game inside Chongqing Sun Kingdom Hotel. The challenger Ju Wenjun and the current champion Tan Zhongyi draw after three hours fight, and this is their second draw in this match. The challenger Ju Wenjun is 4:3 leading ahead.

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After 5 fierce games, today the game was ended in a kind of peaceful way. In the beginning Tan Zhongyi played 1.d4 , Ju Wenjun chose the Nimzowitsch system and soon turned to the Ragozin defence which was her favorite.They both were familiar with it. Later In the middle game, the position looks calm but white controlled the d4 square and more space on center,so the commentators GM Li Chao and Huang Qian both believe that white was more comfortable to play.

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Unfortunately, Tan Zhongyi didn't make the best move that gave Ju Wenjun the opportunity to simplify the position. Inevitably, it gone to different color bishops ending which indicated a clear draw. At that moment, they decided not to play anymore and agreed with a draw game.

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photo by: Xiaolong

At the post game conference, they were asked about the opinion of this game. Tan Zhongyi says, she doesn’t like Ju Wenjun’s plan of 16...c4 ,18... Bd6, and 19...Qe7, makes she felt a bit advantage at the center. This result is acceptable but Tan Zhongyi still believes she could have done better in some moment and it’s need to be analysed later.

In Ju Wenjun’s opinion, yes the White might had a better opening but she doesn't think that white had the chance to increase the small advantage. And later in the middle game, her position actually turned better.

Both of them felt tired after 7 games especially after a long fight yesterday, and this was a part of reason that Ju Wenjun felt they both lost some fighting will today. Fortunately tomorrow will be another free day, they said they will definitely rest and have some walk.

The score in the Match is 4:3 in favor of Ju Wenjun. The 8th game will be held on 3:00pm 15th May.

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Report and Photos by: Gu Xiaobing
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