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Ju Wenjun acquired another victory

Renewed fighting is back after one day resting, 3:00pm 6th May Beijing Time, 2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match had the 3rd game inside InterContinental Hotel Jing’an Suburb Shanghai. The current champion Tan Zhongyi lost after the 27th move. So up to now, the challenger Ju Wenjun 2 wins 1 draw, 2.5:0.5 leading ahead.



Today’s game start with Catalan opening, After the first 14 tranquil moves, a Key point showed up on the 14th move, react to Jun Wenjun’s attack in kindside, Tan Zhongyi had a serious omission 14...g5??

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And after 15.Qh5,  Black’s position was beyond retrieval. Tan Zhongyi fiercely resisted but could not reverse the tight; she had to give up after the 27th move.



Later at the post game conference, Tan Zhongyi said: I knew this variation, somehow could not remember clearly when in the match, and this structure is not something I am familiar with, people make mistakes on things they are not good at. I shouldn’t make serious mistake like g5.  I neglected the simple plan like Qh5 and Ne4 for white, due to both technically and mentally reasons. Ju Wenjun said: I am surprised of Tan’s g5, I thought she would go g6. I feel that i’m going to win today after I done the 16.Bxg5.

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photo by: Liu Yi

Ju Wenjun is 2 points ahead, she remains her consistent calm and peace on the face. She said this good mark is out of her expectation, but she knows this is temporary; the coming games is what matters.

The 4th game will be held on 3:00pm 7th May. No doubt, to the current champion Tan Zhongyi, the battle will be arduous, whether she can adjust status and have her 1st victory. Let’s wait and see.


report and photos by: Gu Xiaobing
Ju Wenjun won the second game

3:00pm 4th May Beijing Time, 2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match had the 2nd game inside InterContinental Hotel Jing’an Suburb Shanghai. The challenger Ju Wenjun took the first victory in championship match.

In today’s game, Tan Zhongyi played c4 in the first more, instead of her more common move d4, meant to play it out of Ju Wenjun’s expect. What surprised us is, Ju Wenjun was prepared and played unusually moves. Just like what Tan Zhongyi said after the game: Have no idea how to do after the 2rd move.



Instead of taking advantages from opening with white, Tan Zhongyi fell into disadvantage position in that complex situation. After then, another mistake was made in the 22 move due to too confident on previous calculation. That gave Ju Wenjun the opportunity to increase her advantages. After fierce battle, Ju Wenjun won the game. What is worth mentioning is that, Ju Wenjun also made few mistakes due to the time pressures, that actually was a good chance for Tan Zhongyi to save the game. Short of thinking time, Tan Zhongyi lost it.
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Photo by: Xiaolong

Later at the post game conference, Tan Zhongyi didn’t look depressed, there were moments she laughed. Ju Wenjun, had calm and peace on her face.
Look back to the past two games, Tan Zhongyi says: I had a successful opening in the 1st game, but didn’t play well after that. A big mistake was made in the 2nd game. What is need for now is to adjust status.I believe nobody feels happy when loose but I am good at working under pressures.” Tan Zhongyi said so.

Both of them refused questions regarding to their assistant and team. I was told by coach of Shanghai team,WGM Wang Pin, that the famous Chinese GM Ni Hua now is also the coach in Shanghai team, he is in charge of technical issues. In today’s game, Ju Wenjun brought Tan Zhongyi into trouble in 2 moves, so should we consider this as Ju Wenjun  Team’s homework? Hopefully we will figure it out soon. 

GM Ni Hua with his wife

5th May is the 1st rest day in championship match. They were asked about plan in break. “Play games!” Tan Zhongyi says without hesitation. “I think I will stay in the hotel, not going out, well, not decide yet.” Says Ju Wenjun.   

The 3rd game of the Women’s World Championship Match will start on 6th of May at 3 p.m. local time.


report and photos by:Gu Xiaobing
The first game of the Match has started

3:00pm 3rd May Beijing Time, 2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match begins inside InterContinental Hotel Jing’an Suburb Shanghai. After 5 hours long contest, the challenger Ju Wenjun and the current champion Tan Zhongyi end up with a draw in this first game.



In the opening, Tan Zhongyi chose the queen’s gambit accepted with black,that was not what Ju Wenjun was expected for. Ju Wenjun spent a lot of time on opening, whereas Tan Zhongyi did it quick and meant to maintain the complex position.


There is big time difference on the clock, however there in no obvious advantage on the board. Been a while, Tan Zhongyi was the more active side. And then the fight was concentrated in the middle of the board.After a sharp move 14...Ne5,Tan Zhongyi decided to brought the game into a fierce battle. Later in the post game conference, they had different opinion about this move, Tan Zhongyi believed that was necessary while Ju Wenjun thought that another simple move such as 14...Be5 will bring black into a better position. In their game, after some fight under time control, Ju Wenjun brought it to a Knight Pawn – Bishop Pawn ending. Continuous Pressure from Ju Wenjun during the next nearly 30 rounds, Tan Zhongyi dealt with them all. Drew is announced and ended this 63 moves first game.

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photo by:Xiaolong

Later in the post game conference,Tan Zhongyi says she was psychological prepared. Be honest, was more prefer to have the white in the first game. But accepted the challenge and did it well since already had the black. Ju Wenjun says it is not rare having a 5 hours matching. Quality is what she cares about.     

Ju Wenjun and Tan Zhongyi are the same age. Being teammates fighting for honor, they are more like good friends. In the past 3 years, Ju Wenjun’s score doesn’t look as good as Tan Zhongyi’s. Ju Wenjun was asked wheather this gonna be a pressure? She says:Past results never be my concern, every match is a new beginning. Tan Zhongyi and me we know each other very well, that will make this match a brand new experience and I am excited for it.   

When they were asked about the difference between classical robin tournament and this match, Tan Zhongyi said this is a challenge for her, while Ju Wenjun felt this kind of form helps players stay focused. And both of them were satisfied with today’s game and result.

3:00pm 4th May, will knock the 2nd match bell. Tan Zhongyi will play white.



report and photos by: Gu Xiaobing
2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match starts tomorrow
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Press conference for the 2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match was held in InterContinental Shanghai Jing’an on 2nd May. The final match two players are Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun. That means Queen of Chess has been pre-locked in by Chinese player.

Vice-president of the FIDE Boris Kutin, deputy-director of the China National general administration of sports chess sports management center、Vice-president of the China chess association、Coach of the China national team Ye Jiangchuan, Vice-director of Shanghai general administration of sports Zhao Guangsheng, Vice-director of Chongqing general administration of sports Zhang Xin, Director of Chongqing Chess Sports management center、president of Chongqing Chess Institute Ke Ping, Director of Shanghai Chess Sports management center、 president of Shanghai Chess Institute Shan Lixia, chief arbiter Women’s grandmaster Ms Anastasia Sorokina and the two players: The current champion Tan Zhongyi and the challenger Ju Wenjun attended the Press conference.

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The Press conference is hosted by the director of the China National general administration of sports chess sports management center Chess office、secretary general of the China chess association Tian Hongwei.

Ye Jiangchuan, deputy-director of the China National general administration of sports chess sports management center gave a brief introduction of this championship match: This match is the FIDE’s highest level women’s match. The two players Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun represent the top level of Chinese women Player. They will be having 10 matches in Shanghai and Chongqing. New champion goes to the first player who reaches 5.5 points. Blitz fight will be held if the two players drew.

We China have Five Queen of Chess, since Xie Jun first won. That tells the status of Chinese women’s chess. What is worth mentioning is that, these two matching-players both were born in 1991, which is the year Xie Jun won the first champion.

Vice-president of the FIDE Boris Kutin heaped praise upon the development of China chess at the conference. He says: China chess has reached outstanding achievements based on a short history and in a not long development period. In the past several decades, China has became a powerful nation in chess field. China women chess is the best of the best. I am very happy to see two Chinese players fight for the new champion. It is my pleasure and honor to say: They deserve it.

The drawing lows and technical meeting is hosted by chief arbiter,Women’s grandmaster Ms Anastasia Sorokina. After picking one huge chess set, it turns out Ju wenjun will play white tomorrow.



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The frist game will start at 3:00 PM tomorrow, please stay tuned for the latest news!

Report and photos by: Gu Xiaobing

Press conference of Women's world chess championship match
On April 17th ,the press conference for 2018 “Lai Yin Cup” Women’s World Chess Championship Match was presented in Jiulongpo District of Chongqing,the city of current woman world champion Tan Zhongyi’s hometown .

press confrence2
As for the top event of FIDE, 2018 women's world chess championship match kicks off in May.The current women chess world champion Tan Zhongyi faces her challenger, the winner of the FIDE Women’s Grand-Prix 2015-2016 Ju Wenjun. The match will consist of 10 games with the first to reach 5.5 declared winner. 

The match is divided into two stages: Shanghai and Chongqing, and five games at each place. according to the schedule , the first game will start in Shang Hai on May 3rd.

The 2 players are both from china, that is to say, China has clinched the Champion already. For this certainty, Ye Jiangchuan, the head coach of Chinese Chess team said: “we are delighted whoever wins the match”, “Normally, our players are asked to take part in national team training before the match when competing with foreign opponent, however ,this time their respective teams will responsible for preparations and we will not interfere too much.” Ye Jiangchuan also told reporters that both of them have the chance to win because the two players are really well matched.

“Players' mentality, on-the-spot performance, even the physical and psychological state of the day will all affect the result of the competition.” said Ye Jiangchuan " whether a chess player is steady and calm mentally or whether he would recover quickly from the stress of temporary failure will definitely have an impact on the match." Ye Jiangchuan said so.

press confrence

At the news conference, Tan Zhongyi said she is ready for the upcoming defending battle. "After last year's victory, I had already knew who the challenger is (Ju has gain the right of challenge )and made a year long preparation." Tan Zhongyi said she had enough confidence in the competition, which based on the adequate preparation and her own strength."

Meanwhile, Tan Zhongyi also expressed that it is impossible to predict what the outcome will be as the situation in the game may change every minute it goes, and what she has to do is doing well in each step. “As for the expectation of the game, I have to say I will strive to give my best. After all, the charm of competitive sport lies on its unexpectability."

Original Chinese report by:Liang Ziming
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