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Second draw of the match after 7th game
Y84A5396 dh
2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match had the 7th game inside Chongqing Sun Kingdom Hotel. The challenger Ju Wenjun and the current champion Tan Zhongyi draw after three hours fight, and this is their second draw in this match. The challenger Ju Wenjun is 4:3 leading ahead.

Y84A5431 dh
After 5 fierce games, today the game was ended in a kind of peaceful way. In the beginning Tan Zhongyi played 1.d4 , Ju Wenjun chose the Nimzowitsch system and soon turned to the Ragozin defence which was her favorite.They both were familiar with it. Later In the middle game, the position looks calm but white controlled the d4 square and more space on center,so the commentators GM Li Chao and Huang Qian both believe that white was more comfortable to play.

Y84A5364 dh

Y84A5416 dh dh
Unfortunately, Tan Zhongyi didn't make the best move that gave Ju Wenjun the opportunity to simplify the position. Inevitably, it gone to different color bishops ending which indicated a clear draw. At that moment, they decided not to play anymore and agreed with a draw game.

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photo by: Xiaolong

At the post game conference, they were asked about the opinion of this game. Tan Zhongyi says, she doesn’t like Ju Wenjun’s plan of 16...c4 ,18... Bd6, and 19...Qe7, makes she felt a bit advantage at the center. This result is acceptable but Tan Zhongyi still believes she could have done better in some moment and it’s need to be analysed later.

In Ju Wenjun’s opinion, yes the White might had a better opening but she doesn't think that white had the chance to increase the small advantage. And later in the middle game, her position actually turned better.

Both of them felt tired after 7 games especially after a long fight yesterday, and this was a part of reason that Ju Wenjun felt they both lost some fighting will today. Fortunately tomorrow will be another free day, they said they will definitely rest and have some walk.

The score in the Match is 4:3 in favor of Ju Wenjun. The 8th game will be held on 3:00pm 15th May.

Y84A5515 dh

Report and Photos by: Gu Xiaobing
Tan Zhong yi won a longest game
Y84A5111 dh

One day transferring plus one day rest, 3:00pm 12th May, 2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match started its 2nd half game inside Chongqing Sun Kingdom Hotel.
Today in the 6th game, the current champion Tan Zhongyi finally won after 6 hours fierce battle with the challenger Ju Wenjun. That makes the score to 2.5:3.5.

Y84A5153 dh
Today, Ju Wenjun plays White. Today’s game started with Catalan opening. That reminds us their 3th game. Tan Zhongyi made some changes today at 4th move, that made them two sides an equal status. However Ju Wenjun missed to take a pawn 19. Qxb7, which is actually worth a try. Later she didn’t play 22. f4, that conforms to her advantaged status and simple opinion. Tan Zhongyi was 2 scores behind back then, so she was more active, and accumulated some advantages step by step. Last move before 1st time limit, Ju Wenjun made a big mistake, 40.Bf1, lost one pawn. That gave Tan Zhongyi the opportunity to gain more advantages, found out Ju Wenjun’s sticking point, and won the victory on 125th move. Today’s game last 6 hours, it is the longest in this match till now.    


At the post game conference, Ju Wenjun says she didn't see 19. Qxb7. Tan Zhongyi believes will get compensations if sacrifice the pawn, so better to fight. Ju Wenjun felt the threaten at 40th move, but the time is running out only 10 seconds left, no time for calculating future possibilities after 40.f4, so even she knew was gonna lose f3 pawn but still went for Bf1. In the Queen rook ending, they two have different opinions, Ju Wenjun believes that rook ending will give black more chance to win, Tan Zhongyi believes the Queen rook ending is a more difficult task for her competitor, and the defence is not easy in reality, and she actually did that way.

微信图片 20180513005812

微信图片 20180513005258
Photos by:Xiaolong

Today is the first game at Tan Zhongyi’s hometown. Tan Zhongyi gains the victory after the long battle. She says herself didn't act good enough in previous game but will do her best in future games. Ju Wenjun says will adjust state and get use to the surrounding in Chongqing, be ready to fight. 3:00pm 13th May Beijing time will be the time for their 7th game.

Report and Photos by:Gu Xiaobing
Tranquility in the battle
微信图片 20180511224212
After 5 games of 2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match , Ju Wenjun lead with 3.5-1.5.Four of five games ended up with a clear winner , undoubtedly it is one of fiercest Woman's World chess championship  match in the history.

The atmosphere around the stadium was tense, even in the press room, where they remained tense and cautious, especially the leader, Ju Wenjun. In the interview after the 5th round, because of the nervousness, a slip of the tongue made her say " in her expectation " instead of " it is unexpected ". what’s funny was that her opponent -Tan Zhongyi firstly awared of that “misspoke” which triggered all audience burst into laugh. until that moment, we saw the two girls first smile at each other in the whole match.

Sort of coincidence, Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun were both born in the same year at 1991, are both graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, are teammates in China National Team, and are close friends in their daily life.

Tan Zhongyi says, we have had countless matches, and sometime we flight together in represent of our country . So generally speaking, we are competitors, but more teammates and friends. Ju Wenjun also says, we are same age girls, we have common topics , and even the constellation tells we are congeniality. 

At such a young age but already have more then 10 years friendship. Plus more and more lovely stories. Not every chess player can be so lucky to have a friend whom can share career and life with. Now let’s have a quick review some of their fighting and love moments.

微信图片 20180511000936
Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun play together for the chess olympic at 2008

微信图片 20180511000942
Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun’s encounter at “Chinese King and Queen”championship,2009

微信图片 20180511000946
Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun are having good time analysing games at Women Grand Prix,2011

微信图片 20180511000950
Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun play against each other at Chinese league,2014

微信图片 20180511000929
Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun play together in World Rapid championship,2016

微信图片 20180511210233
Tan Zhongyi encounter Ju Wenjun at the quarterfinal of World women's chess championship,2017

微信图片 20180511000959
Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun fight for the leader at the Rapid section of All China Games,2017

微信图片 20180511225236
Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun will start the second half of World women's chess championship match tomorrow 3pm at the Sun Kingdom hotel of Chong Qing. Please stay tuned!

Report by: Gu Xiaobing
Photos collected by: Chong Qing chess federation

Ju Wenjun lead with 3.5-1.5 after 5 games
微信图片 20180509160316 dh

2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match had the 5th game inside InterContinental Hotel Jing’an Suburb Shanghai on 9th May. The challenger Ju Wenjun defeated the current champion Tan Zhongyi.  3.5:1.5, Ended the first half match with 2 scores ahead.
This 5th game is the last game of the first half in the championship match. According to the match rule, the two sides will change the first-second move turn after four games. That means, Tan Zhongyi will still play white. For Tan Zhongyi, this is a best opportunity to catch up score after her win in the 4th. For Ju Wenjun, she cannot afford to lose the another extra point.

Y84A4854 dh

Y84A4871 dh
At today’s beginning, Tan Zhongyi played e4 in the first move, which she seldom use.Ju Wenjun react with 1...e5 and they went toBishop’s opening quickly. Face up to Tan Zhongyi’s new choice, she played precisely and steadily. They fought in the middle at the beginning. Tan Zhongyi played one or two slow move, which affected her initiative. Ju Wenjun grabbed the opportunity and got a better position. 
Y84A4837 dh

微信图片 20180509160627 dh

After then, under a big pressures, Tan Zhongyi sacrificed a pawn to gain a pair of bishops. But they found soon this was a big mistake for giving Ju Wenjun more chance to move pieces close to King side gradually.Varies threats made Tan Zhongyi no able fight back. When getting close to the 1st time limit, the white king fell into a hopeless situation. After 35 move Tan Zhongyi resigned.
In the post game conference, Tan Zhongyi said that she decide to play 1.e4 wasn’t a specialized preparation, She just wanted to skip over the beginning and go straight to the fighting like yesterday. Ju Wenjun said the 1.e4 was more or less surprised her but fortunately she knows about this opening so acted good.

微信图片 20180509205019 dh
photo by: Xiaolong

When reviewing the game, Tan Zhongyi sayingthat 11.Re1 is not a good move, as black bishop was stucked after Ju Wenjun’s 11...h6. Ju Wenjun felt a bit advantage after 13...e4. Apart from that, both of them believe the White 19.Ne5 was a big mistake. Tan Zhongyi gave up one pawn to gain two bishops, but practically the gain was not a enough compensation.

When they were asked about the feeling of the first half championship match.  Ju Wenjun said she is surprised for being 2 points ahead. She felt that Tan Zhongyi is not in good status, but still there is long way to go. Tan Zhongyi admits that and she said female chess players are always like this, wrong rhythm can mess up the whole competition. Tomorrow they will be going to Chongqing, she wishes she will play better in the following half match, with a new mood, in a new status, and in her hometown.

Up to now, 2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match, the first half 5 games has finished. The challenger Ju Wenjun 3 wins 1 draw 1 lose. 3.5:1.5 temporarily leading ahead. According to Match schedule, The 6th game will be held on 3:00pm 12th May, at Chongqing.

Y84A4863 dh dh

Report and photos by: Gu Xiaobing
Tan Zhongyi fight back with a full score

2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match had the 4th game inside InterContinental Hotel Jing’an Suburb Shanghai on 7th May. The current champion Tan Zhongyi’s victory brought the score forward to 1.5:2.5.

No doubt previous consecutive loose brought the current champion Tan Zhongyi into dangrous. According to the match schedule, Tan Zhongyi will be playing White in the 4th and 5th game. Defending the championship will be less optimistic if the current champion Tan Zhongyi doesn't gain a victory in these two critical games.



Today Tan Zhongyi started with Trump-owksy, Trump-owksy was well known two years ago on Carlsen vs karjakin’s Match. (Because the name Trompowsky is similar to the newly elected President of American by that year 2016, Trump.) Mean to skip over the opening, but quickly move to the middle game. Apparent surprise appeared on Ju Wenjun’s face, she bulked her ideas up to the following moves but it cost her a lot of time. Even though there was no obvious advantage side, and the white had no apparent opportunity, but Tan Zhongyi acted like a warrior today. Her 21.g4 brought the game to a free war. Like she said on the post game conference, She did not believe she is in advantage until Jun Wenjun had a few irresolute moves plus, 26...g5 at a absolutely wrong time. What she knew is, Ju wenjun supposed to have an immediately g5 after white’s 21.g4.

微信图片 20180507204521

At the post game conference Tan Zhongyi didn't cover up her good mood as a winner. She said the last two lost are not because the opening wasn’t been prepared, but because she prepared too much to be confused. So today she jumped over the opening section but went straight to fight. In her understanding, Ju Wenjun should not play 23...Nxd2 to give up the very strong knight, the advantage went to her side after Ju Wenjun done this move. And 26...g5 leaded it direct to a fail. Jun Wenjun agrees to Tan Zhongyi’s opinion, and she said will summarize what happened in today’s game.

微信图片 20180507204556

微信图片 20180507204552
photo by:Xiaolong

Tomorrow the 8th May will be the second rest day in this match. When they been asked about their plans, Tan Zhongyi said that she spent all day sleep in last rest day and it didn’t work well, so a big possibility, she is gonna go out tomorrow, Ju Wenjun said she will be staying in her room.

According to the match rule, the two sides will exchange the first-second move turn after 4 games. That means, in 9th May’s game, you will see Tan Zhongyi again play white.

微信图片 20180507224740

Report and photos by: Gu Xiaobing
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